General English – A2

The course is for those who need to have sufficient knowledge of English to

  1. Read and understand texts of middle complexity.

  2. Enrich the vocabulary (meetings and discussions, hospital, police, work, entertainment, cooking, customs, traditions, restaurants and cuisine, museums and guiding, theatres and cinemas etc.).

  3. Write basic texts on topics of immediate relevance (autobiographical compositions, CVs,

  4. Communicate on topics of immediate relevance (shopping, sports, school and education, family, hospital and medicine, travelling and airport, hotels and navigation and other basic subjects of interaction).

  5. Improve listening skills (understanding not only British English but also other dialects, differentiating formal and informal types of speech).

  6. British and American English differences (vocabulary and pronunciation differences).

At the end of the course you will be able to write short compositions, express complex ideas, communicate with both native and non-native English speakers, discuss different subjects, listen to radio and TV programs and read passages of medium complexity.

The course is recommended to those who need more efficient usage of English and need English as part of their work or daily life.