It all started in Weimer, it all started with a little and cute plant with neatly cut, a little bit brain-shaped leaves that I saw during my one-day visit from Jena to Weimer and my roommate told me that the little green one was Ginkgo – the plant of wisdom.

The name Ginkgo traces back to remote Japan, the motherland of the plant, later it was brought to Europe and gained a reputation as the symbol of wisdom. I took a few photo shoots with this little beauty in a cozy shop where Ginkgo souvenirs were sold, bought some stationery with Ginkgo pictures and perhaps that might have been the end of my encounter with Ginkgo and it would become a part of my wonderful Weimer memories if not for a placard of Ginkgo right on the opposite wall of my dormitory room door.

And so Ginkgo’s picture became part of my morning breakfast for two years, every day I would start my day with a cup of strong coffee saying hello to this cheerful green face before heading for my intense classes. And every day after exhausting courses when I was finally back to my room Ginkgo greeted me again before I would start my evening homework marathons.

Ginkgo became both the symbol of my everyday struggle for better education and joy of academic successes. It combined in its little and fragile outline my years of education, the road of stubbornness and diligence and the ability to pursue the goal up to the end which I gained during my work at Schiller University as a research assistant and of course the experience I had during that period. My passion to put my experience and knowledge into action was motivated by my desire to realize my dream in my homeland – Armenia and soon one particle of my dream stuck to the next as a jigsaw, new plans came together and after long nights of hesitation and days of struggle a bigger picture emerged. So Ginkgo that travelled all the way from Japan to Germany and met me in Weimer and in my dormitory came with me to Armenia and became my language teaching center. This much about the history of Ginkgo Language Teaching Center and what lies behind the green, slender and neat leaf. And you will learn a lot more when you attend the versatile and specially tailored English classes organized according to the best international standards and requirements.