General English – B1

The course is designed for those who wish to master English on a level sufficient to

  1. Read and understand upper intermediate texts (newspaper and magazine articles, academic passages on different topics and scientific articles, magazines and journals, unabridged books of fiction and non-fiction)

  2. Write compositions on general topics (weather, sports, university, social life, leisure and entertainment, business plans and correspondence etc.)

  3. Speak out their opinions on general topics and argue them. To present your point in debates on different topics (politics, environment, health, architecture etc.), analyze your interlocutor's long passages of speech.

  4. Understand native and non-native English at a quick speed, to analyze the message and single out the key points in a lengthy passages of speech.

At the end of the course you will have sufficient conduct of English to read and understand newspapers pieces on various topics, internet contents, process the acquired data and respond simultaneously as well as to convey your own arguments and make your point on different subjects.

This course is recommended to those who need English on almost every step on their professional career – be it business or academic and who need English as a necessity for promotion and business enlargement and efficiency.